200 Quest 2024: Part One

  Little did I think back in the mid-80s when I did my first double-century, that I would be able to accomplish 200 doubles in my lifetime. After all, I did say "I am never doing this again", after my first one. Go figure....look at me now.  As I write this, I am already over the 200 mark but they are not official " California Triple Crown " double centuries. I have completed 194 California Triple Crown Doubles.   My hope is to finish the final 6 in 2024. My plan is to finish off my quest with The Carmel Valley Double Century in Central California. I need to get through some tough ones before that.  If for some reason, I have a problem finishing one of the earlier ones, I do have others I can do after Carmel Valley.  Carmel Valley is the one I really want to do it at.  First up for the year will be The Camino Real Double. I then hope to do Solvang, Mulholland, Tour of Two Forests, and Grand Tour. This is the plan as I write this. CAMINO REAL DOUBLE CENTURY Like last

6-12-24 Hour World Time Trial Championships. (2023)

  Borrego Springs   California is the location. Borrego is an amazing place to visit any time but it’s especially nice in October/November when the event is held.   This would be my 5th time doing this race. My first time was a solo tandem bike in the 60-69 tandem division, and the second time was 24 hour solo 60-69 division. In 2019 I did the 24 in the 2-mixed standard bike division with my friend Teresa, who was my tandem partner in 2016, and in 2022 I did solo 24-hour in the 70-79 division. It was quite the challenge in my 70s but I was able to surpass my goal of 300  miles and do 325 miles. The course is an 18-mile circuit with a pit area for support. The pit area is at the start/finish where the tracking device/lap counter is.  Whether you decide to do the 24, 12, or 6-hour event,  the idea is to get as many laps in as you can in your time period. At about 1.5 hours from the 5 pm finish, they put you on a short 4+ mile loop till finish time. That way racers will be able to be clos

XDV Carmel Valley Double Century 2023

  The back story California's Central Coast is one of the most beautiful places on earth to ride a bike! I cannot believe that I have never done this event before or ridden on these roads. I believe this was the 8th year for this event.  In past years, I have not been able to do the Carmel Valley Double because it was on the final weekend of August, which is Hoodoo 500 weekend. For most of those years, I was doing the Hoodoo 500. I was all signed up to do it last year but due to a medical issue in the family, I had to cancel. My entry was rolled forward to this year and luckily it was scheduled for September 9th, 2 weeks after the Hoodoo 500 which I did this year.  The event is put on by XDV Cycling Club and my friend Dzung Dang. This is an amazing club with such friendly support staff!! I first met Dzung while riding The Oceanside Double Century in 2014. I was on my tandem with my good friend Teresa Beck.  He was riding with us from the Ramona area to Julien when a speeding pickup