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Solvang Double Century (Spring) 2022

  The Solvang Double Century is one of my favorites. It is one of the older Triple Crown Events and would be my 181st Triple Crown Double Century. I think I have done this event more than any other. It is just such a beautiful area to ride a bike. This year I planned to do it on my tandem with my friend Margaret.   I did have a little anxiety about how I was going to do at the event since my cardiologist put me on a beta-blocker medication. I have been doing really well on it during training. I just wasn't sure how I would perform on the tandem on a double.  I am about to turn 70 in a couple months, but my brain tells me I am in my 50s. Turns out, I felt great! ____________________________________________________________ Margaret and I have been riding tandem on and off, for a couple years now. We have done some great training rides as well as some virtual double centuries during Covid.  This would be our first real organized double century after events have opened up with the easi