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Southern Inyo Double Century 2020, Spring edition.

This is one of my favorite places to ride. In the high desert, at the foot of the Southern Sierra Mountain Range. The event is put on by Inyo Ultra and there are a number of different courses associated with The Southern Inyo Double. This year for the spring event, it was offered once again as a Double-Double. This means that you can either do the main double century which is on Saturday or do the double-double which encompasses doing both events during the weekend. They also have a moonlight double century during the summer which is run at night. This springs event course started in Ridgecrest, Ca. right next to the sprawling,   China Lake Naval Air Station. This is right near the epicenter of the 7+ magnitude earthquake in the area recently. I didn't see any sign of the damage there at all while there. The first half was a ride out to Randsburg and Johannesburg before heading back to Ridgecrest via Trono Road and Hwy 178. The second half took us north and up H