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6-15-2013: The Classic Tour of Two Forests

Training continues for The Inyo Ultra 466 : With only a week of easy active recovery from the heat fest that was The Sherman Pass SuperCentury , I decided to step up the training a little bit and do the Tour of TwoForests , one of my all time favorite rides. This ride was, back in the early days, one of the top 3 toughest. I decided to use it as a training ride from home and to experience some of the lack of sleep I will be dealing with on the race in August. By the time I got home and to bed, I figured I would be up almost 24 hours without sleep. I arose at a little after 1am with about 2 hours of sleep, had my coffee, ate, took my supplements then I mounted the bike for the 21 mile ride to the start of the event in Santa Clarita. It was a foggy, warm 60 degrees as I rode through the valley. Then it was up over Newhall Pass to the start just over the top. I left at 3am or so and arrived around 4:30. Jon Shellenbarger was our awesome support driver a

6-8-13: The Sherman Pass Super Century

As the training continues for the Inyo Ultra 466 Race I decided to do a fantastic bit of training in the high mountains. The ShermanPass Super Century, (formerly known as The Sherman Pass Challenge), is an event I did more than 20 years ago. The event was then discontinued. I have wanted to do it again ever since. This event is 150 miles but is touted to be as though as a difficult 200 mile event. The ride starts in the desert along Highway 395 in the little town of Pearsonville , the hubcap capital of the world. One of those little desert towns you see with allot of old western history behind it in the middle of nowhere. Little did I know that, on this day, I would be getting a considerable amount of severe heat training as well as the altitude training which I was expecting. I started the ride a little after 4am with my friend Rick who also did the event back in the early 90’s with me. Three people started earlier than us and another group started lat