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2018 Planet Ultra Mulholland Challenge Double Century

This Blog Post is dedicated to my cousin Eric Webster.  We lost Eric early this year to a very rare Thymus Gland cancer. Such a tragic loss! Picture of Eric who surprised me when I was riding my 100th double century event a few years back. Riding up Lynn Road in Thousand Oaks, all of a sudden, a guy on a mountain bike comes flying out from a side street and starts riding along side my tandem and the train of riders following us. It was Eric. A few blocks up was his wife, my cousin Tricia, standing out with her camera taking pictures. A very memorable moment for me. Eric was an avid mountain biker who also liked to ride road bikes. He did very well on the mountain bike over the years. He finished a number of times on the podium at The Sea Otter Classic mountain bike race up in the Monterrey Bay area. Eric was probably the nicest and most humble person anyone could know. Always there to help anyone in need. A great guy.  Eric's memorial mountain bike ride a