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7-12-2014: Los Angeles Wheelmen Grand Tour Quad

After working the LAW Grand Tour again this year it was time for the yearly worker's ride. (Staff ride) I had been talking with my friend John Clare, who is also an avid tandem rider, about doing a ride together with him on his tandem sometime. I had never worked on a tandem as a stoker, (rear seat), before, so I thought it would be fun. We decided to do the staff ride but do the Quad course instead of the double century. This would be John’s first time completing that distance. I was in. John and I had ridden alongside each other on our tandems on the double century circuit a few times in the last few years. Since both of us are signed up to do the Hoodoo 500 at the end of August, we figured it would be great training. I needed to get out on a ride with him though to see what the fit on his bike was going to feel like. We decided to do Karen’s 4 th of July climb-fest up to Mount Baldy on July 4 th on his tandem. We figured, what better to get me