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Hoodoo 500 training weekend #1

I had a crazy idea inspired by my friend Stefan who does this kind of thing regularly. It would be great training for the Hoodoo 500 race, which I am doing in August. Hoodoo has 35,000 feet of climbing during the 519 mile race in Southern Utah. I had the idea that I would go up to Big Bear Lake to visit my Mom, Dad, two of my sisters and their families, from home, on my bicycle.What? Not a big deal. I do this kind of thing all the time...right? This time I planned to do a highland route up to Big Bear Lake. I planned on riding fully "self supported" style.This meant carrying all my lights, food, gear and clothes for 3 days of riding and visiting up in "The Bear".  I had about 15 pounds in my Camel-bac pack.  I talked to my friend Chuck Bramwell about the Breathless Agony event which he is involved with. I asked him if I could help out with the Grimm Reaper duties and help at the check point on Onyx Summit above Big Bear. I wanted to surprise some of