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The Southern Inyo Double Century (Triple Crown Test Ride)

I have been looking forward to this ride since I heard about it from my friend Hugh Murphy. We worked together with others to get a good group of veterans as well as some who are fairly new to endurance riding to critique the ride. Of course we had the big man, Mr. Triple Crown, himself, Chuck Bramwell on the ride with us. Having driven by car many times up Highway 395 through LonePine , I have never riden any of the roads by bike. I have never even driven up Highway 190 to Death Valley or around Owens Lake, all parts of the new course. I car pooled up to Lone Pine with my friend and tandem partner, Teresa Beck. When we got into town we ran into Seana Hogan who was doing the test ride also. Seana is a 6 time Race Across America (RAAM) winner and transcontinental record holder not to mention many other accolades. I went over to the start location to check it out about 6pm and saw Seana riding down Highway 395 Southbound. Jokingly I told someone that I bet she is