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#109: The 2013 Camino Real Double Century.

It was with a heavy heart that I started the first double century of the season on Saturday the 9 th of February. My cousin Nick Gillespie lost his life in an avalanche while skiing up in his Grand Tetons just a few weeks ago.   I can’t even imagine what his parents Jim and Alison are going through as well as his sister Heidi who was there when it happened. This ride is dedicated to the entire Gillespie family. Below is a nice story about Nick written by his girlfriend. What an amazing young man Nick was!! Nick and his sister Heidi last month in the Tetons This year I did the ride again on the tandem with my brother in law Vince. This year Vince really had no base miles so we planned to just do it as a training ride. Not that we could go fast anyway with the weight we were carrying.     We volunteered again this year to work as part of the staff on the event. The organiz