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Century Quest 2011

Well, here it is 2011 and as January comes to a close it is time to start my quest for the 100th "California Triple Crown" Double Century. 92  down and 8 to go. I have been doing double centuries since 1987 and have completed over 100 to date but there was not a organized entity until 1990 when the Triple Crown was started by my friend Chuck Bramwell.  Much thanks go to Chuck and his crew for the awesome job they have done. After some easy times during the holidays dialing back the training and just enjoying myself, it is time to get on the ball and go for it! As the month of January ends I have got my miles up to 200 miles per week with my first event a month away. Still I feel like a slacker compared to the miles some of my friends put in on long distance brevets and such. I think that will be something I have to check out and do more often. I have been mostly training in the hills above my home in the San Fernando Valley. The Santa Monica Mountains are just an epic plac