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2014: Happy New Year!! The season begins with some awesome hill training and Triple Crown Double #119

January 2014 is starting out to be a great year for cycling.  I usually take it easy over the holidays and feel like a slug when I get to the first endurance ride of the year which is the Camino Real Double Century. This year, I didn't let myself rest much. I did a double century at Thanksgiving time and still kept my mileage up over the holidays. I did eat too much though and gained a few pounds but that just slowed my climbing down. With The Hoodoo 500 coming up in August I figured I better stay in base mile shape most of the year. I started off the year with a nice ride on the 4th up in the San Gabriel Mountains with friends. My friend Ken organized a ride up on Hwy 39 and to Glendora Mountain Road from our usual meeting place at Encanto Park in Duarte. We all had a great time. Bob and Teresa on Hwy 39 Getting ready to head down the hill to meet up with the others on Glendora Mountain Road. I took this video with my new GoPro camera that I got from Santa. My