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Century Quest 2011: The Hemet Double Century

Well number 95 this year turned out to be a somber and brutally hot event. It is not one of my favorite events as about 2/3 of it is very urban with lots of traffic. The 2011 Hemet Double Century was run this year as a memorial ride for Jim Swarzman who we lost on April 10th in a hit and run accident. He will surely be missed. The course was somewhat different this year with less traffic on the early morning part of the first loop. The course is made up of two loops with Hemet at the start and finish of each one. Here is the link to the maps: Loop 1 Loop 2 I left home at around 1:30 am and arrived at the start at around 3:30.   Lynn and Kermit looking pretty chipper at 3:30 am   At check in I saw my friends Lynn, Kermit and the ride organizer Jim Watrous. I talked with them for a while and then went to the car to get ready. I started by myself at around 4:40 am. Usually we go ou