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The 2014 Race Across the West

The " Race Across the West " is the Desert Southwest portion of the most difficult sporting event in the world, The Race Across America . Here is the explanation from the RAW website: " The Race Across the West is one of the most challenging bicycle races in the United States.  Started in 2008 the race has pushed many racers to their limits, both physically and mentally.  Created to provide that next step in endurance cycling challenges, RAW presents the ultimate challenge for some and for others it is a testing ground for racing RAAM.  This is a Race. Unlike other well-known road races, like the Tour de France, RAW is not a stage race. RAW is a single stage. Once the clock starts in Oceanside, it doesn't stop until the racer reaches the finish line in Durango. RAW is the second longest endurance cycling race in the United States. The race is essentially a time trial - a race against the clock, sometimes referred to as the race of truth. Unlik