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2015 Hoodoo 500

A short prelude:   Here is a little explanation about this event from the event race directors. “T he most epic and challenging ultra-cycling race, the Hoodoo 500 route passes through or around three National Parks, three National Monuments and several Utah State Parks. The scenery varies from majestic cliffs and striking red rock hoodoos to aspen and pine forests and high mountain meadows. All the best of Utah ’s Color Country! Geologically speaking, hoodoos are tall, skinny spires of rock that protrude from the bottom of arid basins and sedimentary rock. Mystically speaking, hoodoo means a magical spell; which is what the Hoodoo 500 experience will cast upon you.” I totally agree with what it says above about this experience casting a spell on you. After doing the event for the first time last year as a 60+ division solo racer with a crew I just had to do it again and I made the decision when I finished the race. It was one tough race to do solo at my a