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The 2013 White Mountain Double Century

My 115th Triple Crown event, The White Mountain Double, is one of my favorites. Starting in Bishop, Ca . like the Inyo Ultra 466, the event heads south to Big Pine before heading east for a huge counter clockwise loop out into Nevada. From there we continue northbound, before heading back south to Bishop again. The reason it is called the White Mountain Double is because it goes though and around the White Mountains. There are a number of courses.   The highland course, which is the original course and the one we did, has you climb to the Bristle Cone Pine Forest at over 10,000 feet in elevation on White Mountain itself. It's then back down to highway 168 before heading into Nevada. They also had a lowland course which left out the crazy tough climb up the mountain and went straight into Nevada . They also had a 150 mile option. The event is put on by Ndzone and is one of the best out there. Only a few stops signs on the course in all of 200 miles. I dr