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2016 Southern Inyo Double Century

                                                                                                                                                       Cover Photo: Victor Cooper The Southern Inyo Double Century is one of my favorite events. Like any event near the mountains and desert there is always the chance of adverse weather conditions. Two years ago we did the test ride of this event and we had one of those days where all the right things went together to make for a tough and windy day. We all got through it and had great memories of that day. After all……you have to expect that type of thing when you are doing any event of this distance….anywhere!! Last year we had perfect conditions for the event on the inaugural event. 2016 had something entirely different in store for us. I drove up a little early on Friday since I did not have to work. I went up with both the tandem and my single bike. My stoker Teresa had some minor surgery during the week and

Mulholland Challenge 2016 (New Course Staff Test-ride)

A little prelude to the ride report: This year The Planet Ultra Mulholland Challenge century and double century is a whole new course. The KOM (King of the Mountains) course was shortened some but included more climbing which made for an even more difficult century. I had my hand in the mapping of the second half of the double century. Debra of Planet Ultra asked for my assistance in mapping the new course since I live and ride the roads in the area all the time . We, together, made up, in my opinion, an epic course for the double and the single century event. For those who read this ride report prior to the event, I hope it helps you prepare for this very difficult event. We made up the new course long before the event which is scheduled for the 9 th of April. I organized a pre-ride of the course so we could get feedback on the new course and sent out a message to many of my friends and asked if they would like to join me. The test ride was