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2020 Silver State 508 Ultra Marathon Bike Race (Covid, Smoke, Natures fury, edition!)

Left to right. Bill, Ira, Me and Zach     PROLOGUE With last year being such a tough year for me, my family, and friends, I thought this year was going to be a great year of doing ultra-events and races. Then we all know what happened in the early part of the year. Covid-19 hit. Most of the ultra-events were canceled. Many were creatively changed to virtual events using guidelines to help keep everyone safe. Small groups only.  I was blessed to have our tight-knit little group of friends which allowed us to get some of the events done. Then my ultra-race season started with the Western States Ultra Cup which encompasses the Race Across Oregon , Hoodoo 500 , and this race, The Silver State 508 . All three races were able to be run since they were in remote locations. This was awesome. As per my last couple of write-ups, I was able to participate in RAO and Hoodoo 500. At RAO I crewed for my good friend Tony who did the 1,000K race on his fixed gear bike!! So proud of his accomplishment