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2014 Hoodoo 500

A short prelude: The Hoodoo 500 is one of the toughest Ultra-Marathon bike races on the planet. This year it was lengthened slightly due to some construction on the course to 521.6 miles from the traditional 519 miles. The elevation gain on the event is about 30,000 feet. Elevation profile I was again riding with no sponsorship to bring awareness to The House Clinic in Los Angeles and Neural Tumor Research. I want to thank everyone who believed in me and who supported me in my quest to do this amazing race both financially and with moral support. Like I mentioned many times in my past stories, these long ones scared me, not because of the distance, but due to the hydration and nutrition issues required to keep the human machine running for 48 hours straight. I think, in my 62 nd year of life, I finally got it dialed in so it works for me. Now maybe I can push the envelope a little more on the next race. My daughter Nicole, Crew chief Vic