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2012 Season Begins with a great ride, The Planet Ultra, Camino Real Double Century. #103 I volunteered to drive SAG support for the event with my long time tandem partner and brother in law, Vince Paradero.  We had a great time working the ride and were excited about doing the staff ride to follow in the weeks after the scheduled event. My goal for this year is to do more of the events on the tandem with Vince and work towards getting him to the Triple Crown Hall of Fame in the next few years. We started doing the Triple Crown together on the tandem in the early 90's  and have over 30 doubles under our belts together. We are hoping to cap off the spring rides by doing the very tough Borrego Double and then the Grand Tour Quad Century which we completed with plenty of time to spare in 1993. We will see how it goes this year on the older legs. I saw many friends which I hadn't seen in quite a while at Camino Real. I also met some awesome new people. Anyone that can acco