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Inaugural Southern Inyo Double Century

Last year a bunch of veteran Triple Crown riders and I did the test ride of this event. It was a challenging day as a storm had just passed and the usual wind conditions were much worse. We had gale force winds and dust most of the day but it was an incredible experience just the same with beautiful scenery all day. The event was moved to a month earlier for the Inaugural event this year and it paid off. We had absolutely perfect conditions. I carpooled this year with my good friends John Clare and his wife Melinda. We had a great and entertaining ride up to Lone Pine. The desert was green this year which was amazing and there were wild flowers popping up everywhere. This was going to be John's 100 th, (yes 100 th ), Triple Crown Double Century! I was really excited for him. A whole bunch of us were planning on sharing this epic milestone with John. There was an epic turnout for an inaugural event. Over 100 riders! The course: The event starts in

2015 Camino Real Double Century

The Planet Ultra Camino Real Double Century is the first Triple Crown Event of the year. I again staffed the event this year as in years past with my friend and recent tandem stoker Teresa (Tiger) Beck.  We worked at our usual spot located in the San Onofre State Park camping area. The riders had perfect conditions for the event again this year. I took some pictures at the start before we headed out on course to our rest stop. Here are a few of them.   Here they go! Rolling out at 6:15am I raced with Luis on The Hoodoo 500 which he did on his fixed gear bike. He was doing this ride on his fixie too!! Team TnT, from the Hoodo 500,  (Teresa and Teri) with me John and Vic working hard getting everything ready for the riders. Kevin was testing out his new leg after varicose vein therapy. Look who stopped by for a visit. My friend Jim Cook who organizes The White Mountain Double Century The following Saturday,  the 28th,