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2023 Events: Spring and Summer

  Tour of Two Forests The ride patch from the 1991 Tour of Two Forests. This event also went over Heartbreak Hill.  Starting off the spring I was asked to pre-ride the updated Tour of Two Forests route.  The route was changed due to the large landslide on Hwy 33 above Ojai, Ca. This area was also damaged back in 1993. T he course change that year created the current Heartbreak Double Century course. (That course is still used to this date) This year we did a course that was tough but easier to ride self-supported. (the live event this year was actually a self-supported ride) We were doing it early to check out the location of stops and to see where any trouble spots were as far as re-supply for food and water.  Alternate 2023 course I rode with my friends Memo who lives hear locally and Peggy who came down from the bay area. We met at the Santa Clarita ride start. The ride took us down the Santa Clara River Valley past Piru, Fillmore, and Santa Paula before heading up Dennison Grade to