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Bring on 2017!

Southern Inyo Double Century After a very tough and painful 2016, its time to start a new year. I never really felt quite right in the second half of 2016. Not sure if it was due to the two crashes on the tandem or not.  Although I did finish three very tough ultra-marathon races during the last few months of the year, I definitely did not feel myself on any of them. For one, I had a hard time breathing on all of them, which really caused a struggle.  I was really off my game. I especially noticed it on the two-man race at Hoodoo 500 where I really had to push myself when it was my turn during the race. I just was not getting oxygen because I could not catch a full breath. Same thing on The 508 and the 24 hour time trials which I think contributed to other issues which came up on those races. In January of this year, I figured it was time for a complete physical and other tests to rule out everything. I was feeling down-right off my game not only while tra