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2014 Knoxville Fall Classic Double Century

This year I drove up with my friend John Clare. He picked me up on Friday morning for the long drive up to Vacaville, Ca. where the event starts in Pena Adobe Park. When we arrived there were thunderstorms in the area so we were wondering how the weather was going to be on Saturday. T-Storms on the way up. Interstate 5 We checked-in, talked to friends for a while and then headed off in a caravan for a nice dinner with friends. We had a bunch of friends being inducted into the hall of fame so we planned a “party on wheels” ride, all staying together as much as possible with our group. My Triple Crown tandem stoker and good friend Teresa Beck was being inducted so John and I, along with Teresa and many others started out together.  The Quackcyclists put on an amazing event. As you can see from the map above, the course is a large figure 8. We ride up over Mount George to Napa , then make a nice run through a section of the valley before climbing