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2016 Hoodoo 500. "Troubled Utes", 60+, Two-Man takes on Hoodoo.

What can I say about the Hoodoo 500 Ultra Marathon Bike Race? Well…..this race has got to have the most beautiful course of any race on earth. It goes through or near some of the most spectacular national parks in our country. The only down point is that, unless you are doing the Stage Race option or are a very fast team, you are rolling through some of the most spectacular scenery in the dark. Riding at night on this course is also amazing. It can be very cold going over Boulder Mountain at night and descending to the high valleys below but it can be spectacular under the stars or like last year, under a super moon so you could almost see everything. This year I chose to do the event on a two person team with my good cycling buddy Victor Cooper. Vic is a very strong cyclist and has quite a history doing ultra-races. He was my team mate on Race across the West (RAAW) in 2014 and is a hall of fame rider at The 508. He was also my crew chief when I did Hoodoo the fi