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2019 Silver State 508

I really wanted to do "The 508" this year but circumstances at home made it virtually impossible for me to even think about it. I was invited to join a team during this tough time but had to turn it down. I had signed up for "The Hoodoo 500" very early on and even was toying with the idea of canceling that ride. I was, although able to get Hoodoo in and had a great time. The Silver State 508 is about 2 weeks after Hoodoo and I was getting excited about following my many friends who were doing the race. Things were a little better at home and I was sad that I could not be there this year having passed up the opportunity to be on a team earlier.  (my goal has been to try and get into the 508 hall of fame by the time I reached 70. I am 67 years old now so I don't have much time to make that goal a reality.) With just a week or so to the race, I got a call from my friend Peg, who had asked me before, if I again would like to join her team. M