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The Inaugural Dead of Winter Double Century

  The LA Wheelmen, Dead of Winter Double Century is the newest of the double centuries and the final California Triple Crown event of the year. I volunteered to staff the event so again I did it as a staff ride on an earlier date. The actual event dates are on the last weekend of November. The event is run on a Saturday and then again the next day. So many people signed up for the event that they had to run another one on a second day. I was planning on doing the staff ride on the following weekend after the event but then I heard from my friend John that a few people were doing it on the Saturday before. I was going to do the event with them but found out they were leaving from a different location, then doing the course from there so they could finish at home. All that said, I decided just to do it solo and self supported, the way I normally train on a long ride anyway. No big deal except that the weather took a really nasty turn with gale forc