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Summer Training

After doing some spectacular altitude training in early May in the Big Bear Lakes area and the most spectacular double century of the season, The Eastern Sierra Double , at the end of May, I figured it was time to start ramping up the training a bit for the challenges at hand at the end of the summer. Again this year I am going to take on the Hoodoo 500 Ultra Marathon race in Southern Utah . I was also asked by my friend John to join a 4-man team for the Silver State 508 in Nevada . I am really excited about both. I have never done “The 508” and I have wanted to do it solo for many years. This year on the Hoodoo 500 I will be doing it in the “Voyager Division”. Last year I had a support crew for the standard division of the race. I had my crew chief Victor Cooper who had experience crewing and also had experience having done the course in the event. I had my youngest daughter Nicole taking care of my nutrition and hydration and my oldest daughter Cherisse w