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2020 Race Across Oregon (RAO)

                                                                                                                               Photo: Scott Swanson Below is an explanation of the racecourse from the race director: " Many people think of Oregon as being lush, green, and very wet.  Certain areas of Oregon fit that description well.  Our loop course most definitely does not.  High desert all the way.  It's barren, beautiful, deserted, windy, hot, and contains a bazillion feet of unending rollers and sustained climbs.  Difficult?  Very....just as a Qualifier for the Race Across America should be.  Nothing can truly prepare one for a solo RAAM attempt but the RAO 1000k will test your limits like no other event under 1,000 miles. " Tony Musorafite Sr This says it all!! One man One mission One gear It is difficult enough to do a RAAM (Race Across America), qualifying race on a geared bike.  Just imagine this! You ride a bike that has o