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#101  THE 2011 KNOXVILLE FALL CLASSIC DOUBLE CENTURY Ginny and I left home late Friday morning for the long drive up to Pena Adobe Park in Vacaville Ca., the start location for the event. The first time I did this event I had no idea where Vacaville was. When I arrived there I saw "The Nut Tree" lodge. Memories came back again of my flying trips with my Dad in his plane. We used to fly up to the Nut Tree airport for lunch on many occasions. They had a great restaurant on the airport. We arrived at the park in the early evening on our way to the hotel. They had rider check-in for the event between 5-9 pm. I opted to check in then so I would not have to do it in the wee hours of the morning when I started the event. We saw our friend Terri Boykins there at check-in. She had just arrived from the Los Angeles area also.   I saw the ride organizer from "The Quack Cyclists", Scott Halversen, there. When he saw my name he went to his van and came out