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2015 Dead of Winter Double Century

 I decided to do The Dead of Winter Double Century this year on the tandem for the first time. It was no easy task for my ultra-event stoker Teresa and I. Teresa (better known as Tiger due to her no-quit, go-getter attitude), was hit by a car back in October. She dislocated her shoulder, had road rash and some head injuries but no concussion. After a little while she got the doctors OK to ride on the back of a tandem but could not ride a single bike due to the shoulder injury. She did her first ride with me in early November which meant that we really had our work cut out to get her back in ultra -shape in a very short time for the ride at the end of the month. We only rode on weekends since we both work and she lives in the south bay. All the training rides were tough. The first one had about 11,000 feet of elevation gain but we got through it. We did rides which encompassed about 24,700 feet of elevation gain leading up to the event. There was some tough traini