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2013 Heartbreak Century.......and then some!

Well.....I had planned to do The Heartbreak Double Century but it was not in the cards this year. The Grand Fire which started near the Frazier Park area caused problems with the course from Palmdale to Gorman so the event was cancelled at the last minute. The other part of the Planet Ultra event, The Heartbreak Century, was still on since the fire did not affect that part of the course. I let them know that I was going to still do at least the century event. the last minute... I decided to add a little training in to try and get close to at least a 200 mile event. I have been know to do this kind of thing from time to time but usually from home and almost always in the spur of the moment. Whats a little lost sleep anyhow. I will need some sleep deprivation training for the upcoming   InyoUltra 466 race in August right? I went to bed at 8pm for a restless slumber. I set my alarm for one am and had no problem getting up. A couple cups of coffee, some breakfast