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2020 California Triple Crown, (Virtual), spring double centuries.

Well, doing an event this spring has turned into a real challenge, and it has been devastating for the event organizers who were forced to cancel all the spring events due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I, myself, have not slowed down in my training. I am very afraid to stop my training at my age. At almost 68 years young, I know that coming back from "downtime" is much harder as you get older. I have been training but not at hard intensity.  On my climbing rides, I have been taking it as easy as I can and on the long flat ones, I am just pacing myself. You know....its funny. I am ahead of my schedule on my yearly mileage by hundreds of miles, even though I have not done a double century event yet this spring. The last event was the Southern Inyo Double on March 7th before everything hit the fan. I have been doing more miles and getting more rest. My resting heart rate has gone down a lot and I am sleeping better. Go figure. Event organizers and The Califor