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2012 Solvang Spring Double Century

2012 started off nicely as far as the weather was concerned. The Camino Real Double was great both for the main event and our staff ride. The forecast for the central coast of California on this particular weekend was for rain on the day of the event. As the week went on the chance of rain was pushed to Sunday so we were all very happy. Last year we had rain all day on the event which made for a miserable day. I am always weary of the forecast though. You just never know. I was thinking even before the event that if the storm comes too close we might be in for some unfavorable conditions anyway. Since my Brother in law Vince and I are getting back on the tandem for most of the doubles this year, we were really exited about this one. A perfect ride for a tandem. No major climbs and lots of rolling hills. Perfect tandem country. We left home around 3:30am for the drive to Solvang and arrived in plenty of time for our start time of 6:30am. We wanted to start a little later thi