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2015 Silver State 508

Prelude: “The 508” is the granddaddy of ultra-cycling races. It is one of the original qualifiers for RAAM (Race across America). I have wanted to do The 508 for years. I tried to get into the race in 2013 but, as it turned out, it was the 30th anniversary and many veterans came back to race. There was not enough room for this rookie so I did not get in. I ended up doing The Inyo Ultra 466 that year. Now on the new course in Nevada, it is called The Silver State 508. You can find info about the race at the following link: My good friend John Clare (and Team Clare) is responsible for me doing the event this year. He was planning on doing the race solo but his plans were put on hold due to some cardiac issues which came up during the Mulholland Double Century staff ride on April 4th. He immediately decided to do the race on a 4-man team instead. He put out the word and I was one of the first to answer the call. I always want