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2022 Mulholland Challenge Double Century

  Overview This is one of the toughest double centuries on the California Triple Crown circuit.  The first 106 miles or so has 12,273 feet of elevation gain and is very tough. There is really no section that gives you much relief. You either are climbing or doing a technical descent on most of it.  Map and profile of the first half The second half of the double century is a little more forgiving with only  5,722 feet of gain. There is a very tough climb leaving town on the second half up Westlake Blvd that is a killer but once past that, there is a nice descent to the coast and some forgiving and flat to rolling miles for quite some time before the final climbs to the finish.  Map and profile of the second loop I have been on the staff of the ride for quite a few years. It is one of my favorites to staff because I live in the area and the event is on all my training routes.  In fact, a few years back, Planet Ultra asked me to help out with the course a bit. I helped with some suggestio