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A short prelude: I have been wanting for years to do one of the long ultra endurance races such as the Hoodoo 500 or Furnace Creek 508. I have a long history of endurance riding having done many double century and century events, but in 1994 I was dealt a blow.   I was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma tumor on my left balance nerve.   This is a benign tumor but can cause complete loss of hearing and loss of balance on the side that is affected.   I had a fairly large one. I was referred to Doctor Derald Brackmann and The House Research Institute by my ear doctor after my diagnosis.   I received fantastic care at the institute.   At the time, I did not know if my balance would be good enough to ride my bike again.   I had a very successful surgery and here I am today still riding and with over 100 double centuries under my belt. I have been wanting for years to give back in some way to The House Research Institute and bring awareness to Neural Tumor Researc