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Eastern Sierra Double Century 2019

This blog post is dedicated to my dad, Paul Meichtry.   (1-23-1927 to 5-26-2019)   Dad with some of his planes.The exception is the P-51 My awesome dad passed away on Memorial Day weekend at 92 years of age. He was a veteran, adventurer and pilot.   He was a constant optimist with an amazing no-quit attitude who instilled this in me and much of my family. We had so many adventures while I was younger up in the Eastern Sierra which made me feel very close to him on this event. As young kids we hiked and fished up in the area many times. Then there were the many ski trips up to Mammoth Lakes. Many of them were flying with dad in his twin engine Cessna 402. Dad didn’t really ski much but he took us up anyway.   I still remember buzzing the ski lifts at a low altitude before going in to land at the airport. My wife Ginny with The 402 As a little kid just out of diapers, I started flying with dad. From a very young age I was flying in the r