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2017 Knoxville Fall Classic Double Century

The Knoxville Double Century is one of my top favorites. It is one of the most beautiful double century courses. The course runs through wine country and mountains north of the San Francisco Bay area. The California Triple Crown awards breakfast always follows the next day at Pena Adobe Park in Vacaville. This is also the start location of the double century the day before. This year I drove up with my friend and tandem stoker Teresa in her SUV. It was a little bit of a challenge getting the tandem in her car but we got it done ok by taking the wheels off. We drove up very early in the morning the Friday before the event so we could help out with the sorting of goods for the rest stop locations. We met a bunch of other friends at “The Quack House”. This is the headquarters of the Quack Cyclists who are the organizers of the Knoxville event and the Devil Mountain Double Century . The Quacks really know how to put on an event. They had all the rest stop locations