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2014 Oceanside Double Century

Elevation profile 11-1-14 The Inaugural Oceanside Double Century I love doing an inaugural event. Especially the tough ones. You never know whether the event is going to be around for long so you have to do it while you have a chance. The Oceanside Double is basically the same course as the Borrego Double Century. The difference being that the ride starts in Oceanside instead of Borrego Springs. Oceanside is usually the lunch stop on the Borrego event. We ride from Oceanside to Borrego Springs via Julian and Banner Grade. Then we return to Oceanside. We have to climb the infamous 12 mile, Montezuma Grade and Cole Grade, on the return as well as many shorter climbs. The nice thing is the location of the start and finish. Although, Borrego is one of my favorite double centuries, it is nice to have a start-finish that is closer to home. I was not originally planning to do the double but at the last minute I was in to do it on the tandem with good friend and